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; **2014 Feb 20**
: move work collaboration content to **work:** namespace
: update permissions to limit access to **work:** and permit read/edit access to **users:**
: revert wiki formatting syntax document to remove Wrap Plugin syntax
: update wiki plugins list to what is actually now used by this wiki
; **2014 Jan 29**
: Swap position of "Media Manager" & "Discussion" links in "allensmith" template
: Edit "/inc/lang/en/lang.php" to change "You are here" to "Wiki Location"
; **2014 Jan 22**
: MUCH configuration of this wiki -> **changes to site url's and namespaces** !!!
: Install & start using tags plugin
; **2014 Jan 07**
: Change web hosting to & re-install this wiki
: rename modified "starter" template to "allensmith"

2013 Nov 26 : Change to a modified “starter” template for this wiki

2013 Nov 22 : Turned top level links page into the wiki Contents by Section Table of Contents for all the namespaces in this wiki.

2013 Nov 18 : re-installed this wiki, and reloaded/updated the (few) content pages.

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