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Workplace Methods & Frameworks

My “plan of attack” to get things done from a Home Office, as an “on-site twice per week” (mostly) Remote Worker

The steps of Kaizen are deceptively simple:
  1. Identify opportunities for improvement
  2. Discuss them within a team and/or with a supervisor
  3. Test and implement the idea, evaluating its impact
  4. Document what was done
  5. Share what was done and recognize people
  • When you’re not the manager 'type,’ how do you move up the corporate ladder?
    I'm actually not that concerned with climbing up the corporate ladder … I just want a fulfilling career, where I am able to make a difference over the next 20 to 30 years, and I make enough to take care of myself in a reasonable manner. So if we can put the corporate ladder aside, this explanation of either Management or Guru – as a working partnership – is the best introduction to this concept that I have seen.
  • A Simple Rule to Eliminate Useless Meetings
    “ … we have essentially eliminated the presentation. In lieu of that, we ask that materials that would typically have been presented during a meeting be sent out to participants at least 24 hours in advance so people can familiarize themselves with the content. … With the presentation eliminated, the meeting can now be exclusively focused on generating a valuable discourse … and perhaps most importantly, having a meaningful debate.”
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