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Insights & Workplace Culture

Workplace Methods & Frameworks

My Ideal Corporate Culture and Work Environment. Also, my “plan of attack” to get things done from a Home Office, as an “on-site twice per week” (mostly) Remote Worker

  • Kaizen: Creating a Culture of Continuous Improvement
    The steps of Kaizen are deceptively simple:
    1. Identify opportunities for improvement
    2. Discuss them within a team and/or with a supervisor
    3. Test and implement the idea, evaluating its impact
    4. Document what was done
    5. Share what was done and recognize people
  • When you’re not the manager 'type,’ how do you move up the corporate ladder?
    What I am looking for is a fulfilling career, where I am able to make a difference over the next 20 to 25 years, and I make enough to take care of myself in a reasonable manner. So if we can put the corporate ladder aside, this explanation of a working partnership with positions as either Management or Profession Expert is the best introduction to this concept that I have seen.
… to successfully reinvent a Corporate Hierarchy as a Co-operative Organization of Employees:
Holacracy and How It Works
☞ This provides a 3rd alternative to conventional top-down or progressive bottom-up approaches
“Holacracy is a radically different management system that changes how an organization is structured, how decisions are made, and how power is distributed.”
  • The Unexpected Downsides to Running a Lean Team
    I have seen this for the past decade at small Non-Profits and Charities. If an organization can explain how they plan to recruit/hire/onboard the necessary staffing levels − to accomplish what they have set out to do − that is an organization I would want to work at.

Workplace "Best Practices"

  • Running a Nonprofit "By the Book" … Six needed Manual to run a Non-Profit (or Business):
    • Leadership Manual (orientation, governing documents)
    • Policy Manual (wisdom of the board) … I Never Met a Policy I Didn't Like
    • Style Guide (branding, image, logo, communication preferences)
    • Business Continuity or Crisis Manual (emergency prep, stored off-site)
    • Personnel Manual (HR handbook)
    • Procedures Manual (how-to processes and steps for administration by staff and/or committees).
  • Checklists Improve Governance & Management … Not missing or forgetting anything is why I DO use Checklists

Notable Sites by Insightful Individuals

  • … A Personal Blog by Sash Chua
    I had the pleasure of working with Sash in the Fall of 2011, and her blog is a treasure-trove of inspiring & useful posts/articles.
  • 10 survival tips for non-morning people
    “Some people jump out of bed in the morning, hit the ground running, and leave a trail of creative thinking and focused accomplishment in their wake. And then there's the rest of us.”
  • 10 immutable laws of mistakes
    “Mistakes are inevitable. But as Allan Norton explains, certain laws govern how we deal with them, learn from them, conceal them, and even profit from them.”
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