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-====== Insights & Workplace Culture ====== 
-**[[link:​workmethods | Workplace Methods & Frameworks]]** ... my "plan of attack"​ to get things done from a SOHO 
-[[http://​​blog/​ |]] ... A Personal Blog by Sash Chua\\ I had the pleasure of working with Sash in the Fall of 2011, and her blog is a treasure-trove of inspiring & useful posts/​articles. 
-[[http://​​technobility/​videos | Technobility Webinar Series’s Videos]] ... 1 hour seminars on everything about change \\ 
-  * [[http://​​ | Peter de Jager]] is a speaker/​writer/​consultant on the issues relating to the Rational Assimilation of the Future.\\ ​ 
-  * [[http://​​ | Interthink Consulting]] is a management consulting firm specializing in strategy, decision making and project management. 
-[[linkedin>​20140726165844-88057972-client-service-101-5-key-concepts-i-have-observed | Client Service 101: 5 Key Concepts I Have Observed]] ... I **need** to be doing all of this to establish myself as a Support Professional 
-[[linkedin>​20140320130616-2954-what-do-you-do-for-your-interns | What do you do for your interns?]] ... this is how an Internship should be done. 
-[[linkedin>​20140321072813-13780238-susan-cain-s-plan-to-make-open-offices-a-little-more-quiet | Susan Cain's Plan to Make Open Offices a Little More Quiet]]\\ ​ 
-"​Solitude is a crucial ingredient of productivity,​ and one we want to bring back to the workplace,"​ 
-[[http://​​2014/​06/​most-productive-people#​ixzz33tGOAg4k | 6 Subtle Things Highly Productive People Do Every Day]] 
-[[http://​​portfolio/​9-ways-to-be-productive/​ |  Ninja Infographic:​ 9 Ways To Be More Productive]] 
-[[http://​​blog/​10-things/​10-survival-tips-for-non-morning-people/​ | 10 survival tips for non-morning people]]\\ 
-"Some people jump out of bed in the morning, hit the ground running, and leave a trail of creative thinking and focused accomplishment in their wake. And then there'​s the rest of us." 
-[[http://​​blog/​10-things/​10-immutable-laws-of-mistakes/​2633/​ | 10 immutable laws of mistakes]]\\ ​ 
-"​Mistakes are inevitable. But as Allan Norton explains, certain laws govern how we deal with them, learn from them, conceal them, and even profit from them." 
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