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At the Workplace Best Practices

A few extremely insightful articles – which are especially of notice related to the Non-Profits and Charities that I find myself involved with on an ongoing basis.

  • Do you REALLY want innovation in your business? … how-to to cultivate innovation, instead of stifling it
    “If you want to be innovative, just banish that ‘let's not reinvent the wheel’ phrase from your vocabulary right now. … Learn to approach your enthusiastic change-proposer with a debate model. … With the benefit of your wisdom and their energy, you just may wind up with an innovative new idea that works.”
  • 10 immutable laws of mistakes
    “Mistakes are inevitable. But as Allan Norton explains, certain laws govern how we deal with them, learn from them, conceal them, and even profit from them.”
  • Running a Nonprofit "By the Book" … Six needed Manual to run a Non-Profit (or Business):
    • Leadership Manual (orientation, governing documents)
    • Policy Manual (wisdom of the board) … I Never Met a Policy I Didn't Like
    • Style Guide (branding, image, logo, communication preferences)
    • Business Continuity or Crisis Manual (emergency prep, stored off-site)
    • Personnel Manual (HR handbook)
    • Procedures Manual (how-to processes and steps for administration by staff and/or committees).
  • Checklists Improve Governance & Management … Not missing or forgetting anything is why I DO use Checklists
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