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-====== Useful ​and/​or ​Thought-Provoking Links ======+====== Useful ​Thought-Provoking Links ====== 
 +**[[ebook:​tech:​start | Technical eBooks & Articles]]**
-===== Internet Services ​Applications =====+**[[link:​learnonline | Online Courses ​Learning]]**
-[[​wiredenterprise/​2013/​11/​bitcoin-survival-guide/​ | Bitcoin Survival GuideEverything You Need to Know About the Future of Money]]\\  +**[[link:workinsight | Insights & Workplace Culture]]** 
-A good primer about what Bitcoin is, how it operates as a digital currency, and how to use it.+  * [[link:​workmethods | Workplace Methods & Frameworks]] ​... my Ideal Corporate Culture & Work Environment 
 +  * [[link:workbestpractices | At the Workplace Best Practices]] ... a few insightful articles for years of involved with Non-Profits
-[[http://​​how-to-get-the-most-money-selling-your-used-stuff-on-am-1476703887 ​How to Get the Most Money Selling Your Used Stuff on Amazon]] ... also available at\\  +**[[link:internet ​Internet Services & Applications]]**
-"... However, there are different ways to sell with Amazon, and some useful tricks that will help you get more money for your stuff when you do post it for sale."+
-===== Insights ​Workplace Culture =====+**[[link:​gta | Greater Toronto Area sites]]** … links for GTA Businesses ​Services
-[[http://​​blog/​10-things/​10-immutable-laws-of-mistakes/​2633/​ | 10 immutable laws of mistakes]]\\ ​ 
-"​Mistakes are inevitable. But as Allan Norton explains, certain laws govern how we deal with them, learn from them, conceal them, and even profit from them." 
-[[http://​​technobility/​videos | Technobility Webinar Series’s Videos]] ... 1 hour seminars on everything about change \\ 
-  * [[http://​​ | Peter de Jager]] is a speaker/​writer/​consultant on the issues relating to the Rational Assimilation of the Future.\\ ​ 
-  * [[http://​​ | Interthink Consulting]] is a management consulting firm specializing in strategy, decision making and project management. 
-[[linkedin>​20130320152447-5799319-want-your-company-to-grow-fire-your-managers | Want Your Company to Grow? Fire Your Managers!]]\\ ​ 
-This advocates a flat organizational structure of empowered teams rather than the traditional corporate hierarchy. 
-[[linkedin>​20130701022638-22330283-a-simple-rule-to-eliminate-useless-meetings | A Simple Rule to Eliminate Useless Meetings]]\\ 
-" ... we have essentially eliminated the presentation. In lieu of that, we ask that materials that would typically have been presented during a meeting be sent out to participants at least 24 hours in advance so people can familiarize themselves with the content. ... With the presentation eliminated, the meeting can now be exclusively focused on generating a valuable discourse ... and perhaps most importantly,​ having a meaningful debate."​ 
-[[linkedin>​20131112182911-8353952-the-magic-of-being-in-monk-mode | The Magic of Being in Monk Mode]]\\ ​ 
-" ... There is a time to collaborate together; there is a time to be in monk mode. As Pablo Picasso is credited with saying, '​Without great solitude, no serious work is possible.'​ " 
-[[http://​​why-we-should-rethink-the-eight-hour-workday-515742249 | Why We Should Rethink the Eight-Hour Workday]] .. combine this with "Monk Mode"​\\ This is why I really should go back to 1.5 hr. "​blocks of work", with about a half hour break between them. 
-[[http://​​blog/​10-things/​10-survival-tips-for-non-morning-people/​ | 10 survival tips for non-morning people]]\\ 
-"Some people jump out of bed in the morning, hit the ground running, and leave a trail of creative thinking and focused accomplishment in their wake. And then there'​s the rest of us." 
-===== Greater Toronto Area sites ===== 
-[[http://​​|Free Geek Toronto]]\\ ​ 
-Where I volunteer and sometimes work ... a lot of the Technical Knowledgebase information came about from what I am doing for them ... they also have volunteer opportunities,​ some training, and a small store. 
-[[http://​​|etone Technologies Inc.]]\\ ​ 
-The Toronto area company I currently use for Remanufactured Toner Cartridges ... I found them and have purchased from them via 
-[[http://​​|Delta Recycling]]\\ ​ 
-Out in Scarborough,​ this is one of my main sources of supply for computer equipment ... they have a small store at their operation, which is 491 Brimley Rd, Unit # 8 (the east side of Brimley south of Eglinton ​ 
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