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 ====== Internet Services & Applications ====== ====== Internet Services & Applications ======
-<​note>"​Ubisoft'​s [[https://​​ | Digital Shadow]] lays bare just how much personal information Facebook apps can devour when they ask permission to access your account. After granting Digital Shadow access to your accounts, it digs in and then shows all it learned: Your closest Friends, your occupation, your location, your most common words and posting times, your Friend'​s most-used phrases, your age and profession, and potentially even your net worth. Something to think about next time a fart app wants to link to your Facebook account. (Note: Digital Shadow doesn'​t seem to play nice with Chrome; use another browser.)"​ 
-  * I was not able to try the above site ... so either it does not work in Canada, or I've locked down my Facebook account well enough that this does not work with it. 
   * [[http://​​tag/​eating-worlds-bandwidth/​ | What Is Eating Up The World’s Bandwidth?​]]   * [[http://​​tag/​eating-worlds-bandwidth/​ | What Is Eating Up The World’s Bandwidth?​]]
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