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-====== Greater Toronto Area sites ====== 
-===== Toronto Information & Services ===== 
-[[http://​​wps/​portal/​contentonly?​vgnextoid=42b3970aa08c1410VgnVCM10000071d60f89RCRD | The Toronto Cycling Map]] ... includes Ride the City bike route planning tool 
-===== Businesses & Oraganiztions ===== 
-[[http://​​|Free Geek Toronto]]\\ ​ 
-Where I volunteer and sometimes work ... a lot of the Technical Knowledgebase information came about from what I am doing for them ... they also have volunteer opportunities,​ some training, and a small store. 
-[[http://​​|etone Technologies Inc.]]\\ ​ 
-The Toronto area company I currently use for Remanufactured Toner Cartridges ... I found them and have purchased from them via 
-[[http://​​|Delta Recycling]]\\ ​ 
-Out in Scarborough,​ this is one of my main sources of supply for computer equipment ... they have a small store at their operation, which is 491 Brimley Rd, Unit # 8 (the east side of Brimley south of Eglinton ​ 
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