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Web Development and Content Markup

Web Development Guidelines

7 Things Your Website Developer Won’t Tell You
… “Full disclosure: A successful website is not just about software code.”

The Quiet Death of the Major Re-Launch
The above article explains why continuous design improvements can be a better method than a major site re-launch.

Are your pages upside down?
» Original Source: (February 2000)
Top-of-page or above the fold navigation and content; along with gradients of complexity, both down the page and into the site. I am providing a copy of this exceptional commentary only to make it reliably available.

Fast Loading Pages: A Fresh Look at Internet Speed
» Original Source: (Aug 1, 2002)
Some details in the above article are clearly dated. However, after more than a decade, what it says is as relevant today as when it was first written.

The NEED for speed and "the rest of the story"
… elaborates further on this need to deliver Content with Speed. This is an updated copy of my commentary about Web loading performance to deliver content.

"State of the Union: E-Commerce Page Speed & Web Performance" … requires signup at to download
White Paper by Radware Inc. … “Does your E-commerce website take longer than 3 seconds to load? Online consumer expectations have not changed: Shoppers expect retail pages to load in 3 seconds or less, yet many retail websites fail to deliver this. The good news is that this problem is surmountable.”

Web Content Markup

General Wiki Notes

Install & Administer Web Applications


Web Coding and Markup

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