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Web Development and Content Markup

Web Development Guidelines

7 Things Your Website Developer Won’t Tell You
… “Full disclosure: A successful website is not just about software code.”

The Quiet Death of the Major Re-Launch
The above article explains why continuous design improvements can be a better method than a major site re-launch.

Are your pages upside down?
» Original Source: (February 2000)
Top-of-page or above the fold navigation and content; along with gradients of complexity, both down the page and into the site. I am providing a copy of this exceptional commentary only to make it reliably available.

Fast Loading Pages: A Fresh Look at Internet Speed
» Original Source: (Aug 1, 2002)
Some details in the above article are clearly dated. However, after more than a decade, what it says is as relevant today as when it was first written.

The NEED for speed and "the rest of the story"
… elaborates further on this need to deliver Content with Speed. This is an updated copy of my commentary about Web loading performance to deliver content.

Web Content Markup

Google's Author Tag – Conduits to Richer Writer Profiles
Google announced support for “authorship markup” which will help the search engine connect its users with authors through the content those authors publish on the web.

General Wiki Notes

Wikipedia:Preparing images for upload
A overview on the preperation of images that is “good to know” information for any wiki or website.

The simple markup language for DokuWiki based wiki's
This is the markup language or formating text used by this personal wiki on my site.

Install & Administer Web Applications


Web Coding and Markup

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