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-====== Web Development and Content Markup ====== 
-===== Web Development Guidelines ===== 
-[[http://​​pruneau/​1744496/​7-things-your-website-developer-won-t-tell-you | 7 Things Your Website Developer Won’t Tell You]]\\ ... "Full disclosure: A successful website is not just about software code." 
-[[http://​​articles/​death_of_relaunch/​ | The Quiet Death of the Major Re-Launch]]\\ The above article explains why **continuous design improvements** can be a better method than a major site re-launch. 
-[[allensmith>​Hire/​WebDev/​visualLogic.htm | Are your pages upside down?]]\\ >> Original Source: %%http://​​viz/​viz020100.html%% (February 2000) \\  
-Top-of-page or above the fold navigation and content; along with gradients of complexity, both down the page and into the site. I am providing a copy of this exceptional commentary only to make it reliably available. 
-[[allensmith>​Hire/​WebDev/​FastLoad.htm | Fast Loading Pages: A Fresh Look at Internet Speed]]\\ >> Original Source: %%http://​​new/​020801.html%% (Aug 1, 2002)\\ ​ 
-Some details in the above article are clearly dated. However, after more than a decade, what it says is as relevant today as when it was first written. 
-[[allensmith>​Hire/​WebDev/​Speed.htm | The NEED for speed]] and [[allensmith>​Hire/​WebDev/​Sequence.htm | "the rest of the story"​]]\\ ​ 
-... elaborates further on this need to deliver **Content** with **Speed**. This is an updated copy of my commentary about Web loading performance to deliver content. 
-===== Web Content Markup ===== 
-[[http://​​content/​blogs/​posts/​archive/​2011/​06/​08/​google-s-author-tag-conduits-to-richer-writer-profiles.aspx | Google'​s Author Tag – Conduits to Richer Writer Profiles]]\\ ​ 
-Google announced support for “authorship markup” which will help the search engine connect its users with authors through the content those authors publish on the web. 
-===== General Wiki Notes ===== 
-[[wp>​Wikipedia:​Preparing_images_for_upload|Wikipedia:​Preparing images for upload]]\\ ​ 
-A overview on the preperation of images that is "good to know" information for any wiki or website. 
-[[doku>​wiki:​syntax|The simple markup language for DokuWiki based wiki'​s]]\\ ​ 
-This is the markup language or formating text used by this personal wiki on my site. 
-  * [[https://​​lib/​exe/​fetch.php?​media=dokuwiki_cheatsheet.pdf|DokuWiki Cheat Sheet]]\\ A summary of common DokuWiki markup and some keyboard shortcuts. 
-===== Install & Administer Web Applications ===== 
-==== DokuWiki ==== 
-  * Read the [[doku>​manual|DokuWiki Manual]] to unleash the full power of DokuWiki. 
-    * [[doku>​acl | Access Control Lists (ACL) ]] ... why I use DokuWiki instead of MediaWiki 
-  * [[DokuWiki Plugins]] ... some notes for plugins I have used or am looking at. 
-  * [[kb:​webdev:​dokuwikihacks | DokuWiki Hacks]] ... customizations that require changing core DokuWiki files 
-  * [[https://​​devel:​templates | DokuWiki Template Development]] 
-  * [[http://​​2011/​10/​how-to-move-dokuwiki-install-from.html | How to move a Dokuwiki install from an existing server to a new server]] 
-===== Web Coding and Markup ===== 
-  * [[http://​​2014/​01/​21/​learn-programming-languages/​ | 10 Programming Languages You Should Learn in 2014]] ... many Web programming languages in this 
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