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DokuWiki Hacks

When changes are made to core files for either DokuWiki or a Plugin, those changes will need to be redone each time DokuWiki or the Plugin is updated. That is why all of the below customizations should be considered “Hacks”.

Change Leading Breadcrumb Text

Dokuwiki has 2 types of breadcrumb style navigation. The default is “trace”– where the breadcrumb trail shows the pages a site visitor has gone to, in the order the pages are visited. (Tracking breadcrumbs.) The other option that can be selected is “breadcrumb”– where the breadcrumb shows the page location within the wiki. (Hierarchical breadcrumbs.)

Unfortunatly, the “You are here:” at the front of the hierarchical breadcrumbs is hard-coded into the core DokuWiki files. In addition, the colon (:) is not in the configuration file with the rest of the text. So the below can only change this leading text, and not remove it.

  • The file to edit is → [root wiki directory]/inc/lang/en/lang.php
    • I searched for “youarehere
    • Then I replaced the text “You are here” with the text “Wiki Location
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