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DokuWiki Plugins

Common DokuWiki Plugins
A summary of some common DokuWiki plugins, which extend the capability of DokuWiki to make it much more useful and usable.

  • DokuWiki upgrade plugin
    “Update your DokuWiki with a few clicks from the admin interface”
  • DokuWiki Wrap Plugin … includes the syntax to use this
    “Universal plugin which combines the functionality of many other plugins. Wrap wiki text inside containers (divs or spans) and give them a class (choose from a variety of preset classes), a width and/or a language with its associated text direction.”
  • DokuWiki Definition list plugin
    “(X)HTML Definition lists, simple syntax and smart styling.”
  • DokuWiki Include plugin
    “Include another wiki page into the current one.”
  • DokuWiki Tag plugin
    “Assign category tags to wiki pages. ”
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