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-====== Vexxhost: Rsync via SSH using Lxc 14.04LTS Server ====== 
-<note important>​**Prerequisites:​** \\ The below assumes that SSH access at Vexxhost -- including getting Vexxhost to actually enable SSH on your account -- has been setup. It also assumes that the Private/​Public Key (~/​.ssh/​[sshkey]) as been created and installed. (Public Key only on the Vexxhost server.)</​note>​ 
-<​note>​This document uses the following placeholders:​ 
-  * [sshkey] ← replace with the Key File used to access the Vexxhost Cloud Sites hosting account 
-  * [remoteuser] ← the hosted user account (@ Vexxhost) for this ssh key 
-  * [remoteserver.tld] ← the domain name for the account/​server hosted at Vexxhost 
-**Use SSH and Rsync from an UbuntuCloud Lxc Container:​** 
-eval "​$(ssh-agent -s)" ​    # start the ssh-agent in the background 
-ssh-add ~/​.ssh/​[sshkey] ​    # will need to type in the key pass-phrase (if any) 
-An example to Rsync a DokuWiki site from Vexxhost to an UbuntuCloud Lxc webserver:<​code>​ 
-sudo chown ubuntu:​ubuntu -R /​var/​www/​html 
-rsync -av --exclude="​cache/​*/"​ -e ssh [remoteuser]@[remotehost.tld]:/​home/​[remoteuser]/​public_html/​dir/​ /​var/​www/​html/​this/​dir 
-sudo chown www-data:​www-data -R /​var/​www/​html 
-**To Copy a Single File** (using scp) **:** 
-  * To copy a file from the Lxc container to the site at Vexxhost while logged into the Lxc container:<​code>​ 
-scp /​path/​to/​file [remoteuser]@[remoteserver.tld]:/​path/​to/​destination 
-  * To copy a file from the site at Vexxhost to the Lxc container while logged into the site at Vexxhost:<​code>​ 
-scp [remoteuser]@[remoteserver.tld]:/​path/​to/​file /​path/​to/​destination 
-Reference: Stack Exchange: [[http://​​questions/​106480/​how-to-copy-files-from-one-machine-to-another-using-ssh | How to copy files from one machine to another using ssh [duplicate] ]] 
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