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Ubuntu Studio 14.04: Use "Synchronize with Internet"

What is Supposed to Work:

  • System » Time and Date
    • Click “Unlock” button to be able to change things
    • Configuration: → change to “keep synchronized with Internet”
    • get a Pop-Up for “NTP support is not installed”
    • select “Install NTP support” button
At this point the Time and Date window, and everything else abruptly closed on me. I got some “crashed error report” Pop-Up when I again opened up “Time and Date”. Multiple attempts to do this – including when the system was just booted – would not change this setting.

What Did Work:

  • Use the Terminal to install NTP support on this system
  • sudo apt-get install ntp
  • Verify that the NTP service is now running
  • sudo service ntp status    # should get following result
     * NTP server is running

Now when I go back to the “Time and Date” utility, “Configuration:” is set to “keep synchronized with the Internet servers”

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