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Ubuntu Studio 14.04: Use Nautilus as File Manager

For Nautilus to be used with Ubuntu Studio, first it needs to be installed:

  • In “Ubuntu Software Centre” Search for “nautilus” (use a lower case n).
  • Go to “More Info” for “File manager and graphical shell for GNOME”
  • If “Brasero Disc Burner” is CHECKED, then leave that checked.
  • Leave “Tool to manage well known user directories” CHECKED
  • Select the “Install” button
  • Once this is done and the “Remove” button appears → close the Ubuntu Software Centre
To Install this in Mint 17 Xfce:
  • “Menu” icon » Software Manager → Search for “nautilus” (use a lower case n)
  • double-click on “Nautilus” ← 2nd line “File manager and graphical shell for gnome”
  • Select the “Install” button
  • Once this is done and the “Remove” button appears → close the Software Manager

Thunar is extremely deeply integrated into the Xfce Desktop … so we need to leave Thunar in place as the Desktop Manager. (Let Thunar handle any file selection, etc., when configuring the Desktop.)

So to Start Nautilus as only a File Manager – and instruct it to not try to also manage the desktop – the nautilus --no-desktop command should be used. The below instructions will add this option to the File Manager selection in the Preferred Applications setup utility:

  • Settings Manager » Preferred Applications »“Utilities” tab
    • File Manager » select “Other…” from the drop-down
    • Enter nautilus --no-desktop into the “Choose a custom File Manager” pop-up
      • Note: for the above command, make certain to use a lower case n on “nautilus”– so you can tell this entriy for nautilus apart from the “Nautilus” entry already in the drop-down list
To do the above for Mint 17 Xfce …
  • Use “Menu” icon » Settings » … instead of Settings Manager » …
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