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-====== Linux ====== 
-**[[ubuntu_hardware_drivers | Ubuntu Hardware Drivers Notes]]** 
-**[Ubuntu 14.04 LTS based Linux Distributions and Software](./​kb:​linux:​lts14p04)** 
-* [Toronto Public Library eBooks using Adobe Digital Editions](./​mint17library_ade "Adobe Digital Editions used to borrow DRM Library Books"​) ... ADE 1.7.2 installed using Wine 
-* [Mint 17 LibreOffice 4.2: Canadian English Spellcheck](./​kb:​linux:​mint17libreoffice_en-ca "Mint 17: install Canadian English Dictionary"​) ... how to get Spellcheck to work for Canadian English 
-* [Cloud Storage Services for Linux](./​kb:​linux:​cloudstorage " '​beyond the Web-browser'​ Linux Cloud Storage"​) ... services that provide Linux Software 
-* [Skype on LTS Linux is Broken](./​kb:​linux:​lts14p04skpebroken "links & brief notes abut Skype"​) ... why I would use Google Hangouts instead of Skype w/ Linux 
-* **[Conky](./​kb:​linux:​conky "Conky as a System Monitor, for Google Calender & References"​)** … a lightweight powerful system monitor & much more! 
-* [Mint 17 Xfce: First Boot Load](./​kb:​linux:​loadmint17xfce) ... install then boot this OS for the 1st time 
-* [Mint 17 Xfce: After First Boot Configuration](./​kb:​linux:​mint17xfceafter1stboot "to finish installing Mint 17 after the very 1st boot") ... How I finish installing this OS on an End-User computer.<​br/>​ These instructions are for Linux Mint 17 “Qiana” Xfce Desktop **and** Linux Mint 17.1 “Rebecca” Xfce Desktop 
-* **[Mint 17 Xfce: Web Development Workstation](./​kb:​linux:​mint17webdevworkstation "​Desktop Linux running Servers in Linux Containers"​)** ... uses Lxc (Linux Containers) to run development servers 
-* [Linux Lite 2.0: Generic Install Notes](./​kb:​linux:​linuxlite2genericinstall "some VERY rough notes about doing this") ... tips to Install & Configure this OS 
-* [Ubuntu Studio 14.04: Production Workstation Install](./​kb:​linux:​studio14p04workstation "early notes for installing an Ubuntu 14.04 based Linux system"​) 
-* [Ubuntu Studio 14.04: Use "​Synchronize with Internet"​ (NTP) for System Time](./​kb:​linux:​studio14p04_use_ntp "some 'just work' instructions"​) 
-* [Ubuntu Studio 14.04: Use Nautilus as File Manager](./​kb:​linux:​studio14p04_use_nautilus "​Nautilus as ONLY a secondary file manager"​) ... includes how-to notes to do this with Mint 17 Xfce<​br/>​Used as a **secondary file manager** for services that **only** provide a plugin for the Nautilus file manager. 
-**[Ubuntu 12.04 LTS based Linux Distributions and Software](./​kb:​linux:​lts12p04)** 
-* [Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Install Notes](_media/​kb:​loadubuntu12p04.utxt "a few VERY rough notes about this") ... How I install this OS for others 
-* **[int 13 Xfce Briefings](./​kb:​linux:​mint13breifings "​things any user should know about Mint 13")** 
-  * [When the Xfce Desktop "​Behaves Badly"​](./​kb:​linux:​xfcedesktoperror) 
-* [Mint 13 Xfce: After First Boot Configuration](./​kb:​linux:​mint13xfceafter1stboot "to finish installing Mint 13 after the very 1st boot") ... How I finish installing this OS on an End-User computer. 
-* [Mint 13 Xfce: Multi-Drive LVM Workstation Install](./​kb:​linux:​mint13xfcelvmworkstation "​How-To install Mint 13 using LVM") ... interleaved across 3 HDDs.<​br/>​ The above also includes notes for how to do a **Single Drive** LVM install. 
-* [Mint 13 Xfce: How-To update the Flash Player Plugin](./​kb:​linux:​mint13flash "​Replace 'Mint Flash' with what Ubuntu uses") 
-* [Mint 13 Xfce: Download & Install Skype](./​kb:​linux:​mint13xfceinstallskype "to install a newer version of Skype on a 64bit system"​) ... how to install the .deb file on 64bit Mint 13 
-* [Mint 13 Xfce: Change Keyboard Layout and Language](./​kb:​linux:​mint13keybord "to enable selecting a keyboard layout for another language"​) 
-* [Hardware Discovery & Monitoring](./​kb:​linux:​hardwarespecs "​methods to interrogate what hardware is in a system"​) ... how I do this w/ 12.04 based Linux 
-* [Old HP Laptop: No Audio after Updates](./​kb:​linux:​oldaudiohp "the audio stopped working after installing updates"​) 
-**[LTS Linux: Beyond the Desktop](./​kb:​linux:​ltsbeyonddesk)** 
-**[Linux Scripting and Programming](./​kb:​linux:​Scripting)** 
-*  [Linux Mint: How-To Install J Programming Language](./​kb:​linux:​mintjqtinstall "​instructions to install this on an Ubuntu based OS") 
-**[Development Servers and Linux Internet Hosting](./​kb:​linux:​linuxhostingservers)**