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 +====== Mint 17 LibreOffice 4.2: Canadian English Spellcheck ======
 +===== Statement of Problem =====
 +When Mint 17 Xfce was loaded using a Canadian City/​Time-zone -- which configures the system to use "​English (Canada)"​ -- the Spellchecking in LibreOffice does not work at all. (Nothing gets marked as a spelling error.)
 +It should be noted that in the Options,and under the "​Default languages for documents",​ the selection "​English (Canadian)"​ does **not** have a "blue ✔ ABC" Spelling (dictionary) icon on the left side of that selection -- which means the Canadian English Dictionary is **not** installed for LibreOffice to use.
 +===== The Solution =====
 +It is actually the Mint 17 Operating System that does not have the Canadian English Dictionary installed. To fix this do the following:
 +  * Using the Mint Software Manager (“Menu” icon » Software Manager) do the following:
 +    * **Install** ''​hunspell-en-ca''​ ← Search for “en-ca”
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