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Mint 17 LibreOffice 4.2: Canadian English Spellcheck

Statement of Problem

When Mint 17 Xfce was loaded using a Canadian City/Time-zone – which configures the system to use “English (Canada)” – the Spellchecking in LibreOffice does not work at all. (Nothing gets marked as a spelling error.)

It should be noted that in the Options,and under the “Default languages for documents”, the selection “English (Canadian)” does not have a “blue ✔ ABC” Spelling (dictionary) icon on the left side of that selection – which means the Canadian English Dictionary is not installed for LibreOffice to use.

The Solution

It is actually the Mint 17 Operating System that does not have the Canadian English Dictionary installed. To fix this do the following:

  • Using the Mint Software Manager (“Menu” icon » Software Manager) do the following:
    • Install hunspell-en-ca ← Search for “en-ca”
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