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 {{tag>​kb:​solved kb:mint13 kb:xfce kb:updates kb:audio kb:wifi }} {{tag>​kb:​solved kb:mint13 kb:xfce kb:updates kb:audio kb:wifi }}
-===== CC  Attribution License ===== 
-<a rel="​license"​ href="​http://​​licenses/​by/​4.0/"><​img alt="​Creative Commons Licence"​ style="​border-width:​0"​ src="​http://​​l/​by/​4.0/​88x31.png"​ /></​a>​ <span xmlns:​dct="​http://​​dc/​terms/"​ property="​dct:​title">​Mint 13 Xfce Breifings</​span>​ by <a xmlns:​cc="​http://​​ns#"​ href="​http://​​in/​allensmithnet/"​ property="​cc:​attributionName"​ rel="​cc:​attributionURL">​Allen Smith</​a>​ is licensed under a <a rel="​license"​ href="​http://​​licenses/​by/​4.0/">​Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License</​a>​.</​html>​ 
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