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 ===== Linux Operating System Concepts ===== ===== Linux Operating System Concepts =====
 <​markdown>​ <​markdown>​
-* [Linux Directory Structure Summary](./kb:​linux:​directorystructure "The Linux Directory Hierarchy & important system files"​) +* [Linux Directory Structure Summary](:kb:​linux:​directorystructure "The Linux Directory Hierarchy & important system files"​) 
-* [The Linux Boot Process](./kb:​linux:​bootprocess "some rough notes about this"​) +* [The Linux Boot Process](:kb:​linux:​bootprocess "some rough notes about this"​) 
-* [Linux Documentation Sources](./kb:​linux:​documentation "​documentation sources for Linux commands and programs"​)+* [Linux Documentation Sources](:kb:​linux:​documentation "​documentation sources for Linux commands and programs"​)
 </​markdown>​ </​markdown>​
 ===== Workstation Server Notes ===== ===== Workstation Server Notes =====
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