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-====== 14.04 LTS (desktop) Linux: Squid-Deb-Proxy Server ====== 
-This is how I install a [[kb:​linux:​squiddebproxy | Squid-Deb-Proxy Server]] on an Ubuntu 14.04 LTS based Workstation,​ using a separate LVM Volume. That by using a separate **data Volume** for the .deb file cache and log files, I am able to retain the already downloaded .deb proxy files when it becomes necessary to reload my Workstation. 
-At my Home Office, my [[kb:​linux:​mint17webdevworkstation | Web Development Workstation]] ​ is the the one "​Production"​ system that I constantly depend upon . So it had **better** be the most **infrequently reloaded** system I have. That-- together with how having a local Squid-Deb-Proxy server really makes a noticeable difference when working with Linux systems-- is why I installed this on my Workstation PC. This includes that VirtualBox and any Linux Containers can **easily** make use of the squid-deb-proxy server-- when they are running on the same system. 
-===== Create and Configure Squid-Deb-Proxy Data Volume ===== 
-===== Install and Configure Squid-Deb-Proxy Server ===== 
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