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Mint 17 Xfce: First Boot Load

This page contains Summary Notes that I would use when going over how I load Mint 17 Xfce with someone else. If a system is 3 to 7 years old, then usually this would be my OS of choice for such equipment.

The below instructions assume that the entire disk will be used to do a fresh install of Linux Mint 17 Xfce. As such, anything that is on the hard drive will wiped out (destroyed) by following these instructions!

To do the below install of Linux Mint, use the Mint 17 Xfce live boot. (Just let the Mint 17 DVD or USB boot to the desktop.)

Optional: … if there is a Squid-Deb-Proxy server on your local network

→ From the Terminal (“Menu” icon » Xfce Terminal) run (copy & paste) the following command:

sudo apt-get install squid-deb-proxy-client

… Make certain “-client” is at the end of the above command! (Don't install a 2nd .deb proxy server!)

Please Note: The above will only provide a .deb files proxy while the Live Boot is running. (Only until it is shut down or rebooted.) Which is why this would then need to be re-installed in the (just installed) Computer System OS.

Run the Linux Mint 17 Installer

  • Run the “Install Linux Mint” application on the desktop
  • Select language (I accept the “English” default)
  • Ensure that all items on the “Prepare to install Linux Mint” screen are met (drive space & Internet OK)
For the next step, it will be necessary to calculate the total disk size, less the size for the swap file. Since we are using the Live Boot installer, the calculator program (“Menu” icon » Accessories » Calculator) can be used to figure out the correct size for the main OS partition.

For simplicity, the below does assume that there is only a single hard drive in the Computer.

Also, to allow for the partitioning overhead, the Swap Partition will need to be about 2MiB larger than the desired Swap Size. So for a Swap Size of 2 GiB, we will use a Swap Size of 2050 MB (2048 + 2).
  • Installation Type → select Something Else
    • IF there is something already on the HDD → SELECT the New Partition Table… button
    • double-click on the free space line for the Hard Drive.
      • the Size: = the (given) Drive Size - the (above) Swap Size value
      • Leave this as → Primary partition type
      • Leave this at → Beginning of this space
      • Leave Use as:Ext4 journalling file system
      • Set the Mount point: to → /
    • Again, double-click on the free space line for the Hard Drive.
      • Leave the Size: given → this should be 2050 MB (give or take 1 MB)
      • Leave this as → Logical partition type
      • Leave this at → Beginning of this space
      • Set Use as: to → swap area
    • Ensure correct drive selected for Device for boot loader installation: (Look for correct size of drive.)
    • Select Install Now button
  • Where are you? → Type the correct city to select the desired City/Time-zone
  • Leave the Keyboard Layout to → English (US) OR Select the correct Keyboard Layout for your hardware.
  • Enter the appropriate information for Your Name, Your Computer's Name, etc.
For a “default load” – when I don't know who will be getting the computer – I use the following:
  • Your Name: → I leave this blank
  • Pick a username: → I set this to owner
  • Back up at Your computer's name: → REMOVE the leading owner- from the generated name
  • Choose a password → set this to password
  • Confirm your password → again enter password
  • SELECT Log in automatically

Now sit back and “watch the slideshow” as Mint 17 Xfce loads (… and loads … and loads).

  • Once the installer is finished → SELECT the Restart Now button on the pop-up window
    • Then when instructed to remove the Installation Media (DVD or USB drive).
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