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Linux Directory Structure -- /proc/

Table of Contents

This document is some very rough Personal Notes. As such, some information in this may not be correct. Any errors or omissions introduced into this information would be my mistake, so that should not be held against any sources I have used to help put this together.

/proc/ : This pseudo filesystem contains files and directories that mimic kernel structures and configuration information -- including running process with a particular Process-id (a.k.a. <tt>pid</tt>).

  • Important Files
    • <code>/proc/cpuinfo</code>
    • <code>/proc/interrupts</code>
    • <code>/proc/meminfo</code>
    • <code>/proc/mounts</code>
    • <code>/proc/partitions</code>
    • <code>/proc/version</code>
  • Important Sub-Directories
    • <code>/proc/<Process-ID-#></code>
    • <code>/proc/sys</code>
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