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-====== Conky Google Calendar ====== 
-Part 1 » [[kb:​linux:​conky | Conky as a System Monitor]]\\ ​ 
-Part 2 » **Conky Google Calendar using Gcalcli**\\ ​ 
-Part 3 » [[kb:​linux:​conky_references | Additional References for Conky]] 
-<note important>​This is an **extreamly peliminary** version for the total re-write of these summary notes! These instructions need to be gone through once more (using a different PC) -- to ensure that they are correct, and to provide some example output.</​note>​ 
-===== If Needed: Uninstall Previous Version of Gcalcli ===== 
-<note warning>​**DO NOT** try the following to install gcalcli -- as that version uses an old depreciated API that was finally discontinued!<​code>​sudo apt-get install gcalcli</​code>"​Google deprecated the old APIs that 2.x relies on a couple years back and EOL'd them effective yesterday. You'll need to upgrade to the 3.x release tree to get it working again."​ https://​​insanum/​gcalcli/​issues/​153</​note>​ 
-  * **If** you have the previous version of gcalcli already installed on your system, do the following to uninstall that:<​code>​ 
-sudo apt-get purge gcalcli 
-rm ~/​.gcalclirc ​    # the old .config file NOT compatible with new program version 
-===== Install & Configure Gcalcli for Conky ===== 
-  * First, install the needed packages via apt-get:<​code>​ 
-sudo apt-get install git python-pip python-gdata python-dateutil python-gflags python-vobject python-parsedatetime python-googleapi 
-  * Next, use pip to install the gcalcli python application<​code>​ 
-git clone https://​​insanum/​gcalcli.git 
-cd gcalcli 
-sudo python install 
-pip install vobject parsedatetime 
-<note important>​ 
-**On Ubuntu 14.04** this will result in a **broken** gcalcli command: (must update python-parsedatetime to fix) 
-  * The following additional commands provide the work-around for this:<​code>​ 
-wget https://​​~cjohnston/​+archive/​ubuntu/​ppa/​+files/​python-parsedatetime_1.2-1~ubuntu14.04.1~ppa1_all.deb 
-sudo gdebi python-parsedatetime_1.2-1~ubuntu14.04.1~ppa1_all.deb ​    # requires having installed gdebi 
-**Reference:​** http://​​questions/​468907/​how-to-set-up-gcalcli 
-  * Finally, create the necessary ~/​.gcalcli_oauth file, so gcalcli can assess the desired Google Account Calendar(s) 
-    * Start by entering the following command into the Terminal<​code>​ 
-gcalcli list --noauth_local_webserver 
-</​code>​which will output a message that starts with<​file>​ 
-WARNING:​root:​This function,,​ and the use of the gflags library are deprecated 
-and will be removed in a future version of the library. 
-Go to the following link in your browser: 
-    * Next into your web-browser,​ copy & past the in-terminal (on-screen) url that begins with:<​file>​ 
-    https://​​o/​oauth2/​auth?​ 
-    * Then copy the result code provided by Google, and past that back into the Terminal. (then hit the Enter key) 
-    * And finally make the file where the **oauth info** is stored readable only by this user:<​code>​ 
-chmod 700 ~/​.gcalcli_oauth ​   # set permissions so only this user can access this file. 
-  * Now ensure that all the needed files for Conky itself are are installed<​code>​ 
-sudo apt-get install conky-all ttf-dejavu ttf-dejavu-core ttf-dejavu-extra 
-**Refference:​** https://​​insanum/​gcalcli 
-===== Configure Conky to Display Google Calendar ===== 
-nano ~/​.conky/​conkyrc_gcalcli ​   # copy & past the following text into this empty file 
-nano ~/​.conky/​ ​   # uncomment the line to run the Google Calendar Conky 
-At the bottom of the startup script, uncomment the last line (remove the leading #), so the Google Calendar Conky will run when the user logs in. 
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