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Cloud Storage Services for Linux

Please Note: These instructions “just work” for Mint 17 Xfce. I'll update this page to provide any additional instructions as I use these on other Linux Desktops and Distributions. by Barracuda Networks Linux App References

I cannot recommend using a “Community Member” PPA. (a Software Repository that is not from either the organization or a developer writing that application.) So these instructions are instead based on the instructions provided by Barracuda Networks. Personal Account Referral Bonus

  • At this time, provides a bonus 5GB of storage for each referral – up to a maximum of 25GB.
    • For each referral, that means:
      • 5GB additional storage for the person using the referral (see below note)
      • and also 5GB additional storage for the person making the referral.
    • The person who is using the referral must log-in with a App to claim this extra storage for both parties.
  • So if you know someone already using, then get a referral link to sign-up from them.
  • Otherwise, the below link can be used to get 20GB when you sign-up. (15GB for signing up + 5GB for the referral bonus.)

Install App on (Ubuntu) Linux

(A lightly edited version from the above reference link … which I use with Mint 17 Xfce)

If the App is already installed, then do the following before downloading & installing a newer version:
  • press ALT-F2 (the ALT key and the F2 key), then type in the following command:
    killall CopyAgent
  1. Go to, and download the Barracuda Copy app for Linux.

  2. Open a terminal.
  3. Change to your Downloads folder.
    cd Downloads
  4. Extract the binaries. (substitute the actual file name for <copy file>)
    Hint: For the file name, try using copy_ then the Tab key. (if multiple names match, type a few more letters and hit Tab again)
    tar xvf <copy file>
  5. Change to the Barracuda Copy directory.
    cd copy
  6. Depending on your system, change to the directory for the 32-bit or 64-bit installation.
    • For 32-bit Linux systems
      cd x86
    • For 64-bit Linux systems
      cd x86_64
  7. Run CopyAgent.
    ./CopyAgent --installOverlay

    Or if reinstalling (a newer version of) the Application try

    ./CopyAgent --installOverlay &
  8. When the Barracuda Copy app launches, enter your account User Email and Password.
  9. Click Login

  10. Click Continue to create the Copy folder in your home directory, OR click Select a Different Folder if you want to sync another folder with Barracuda Copy.

  11. Click Continue to download all your existing files to this computer, OR click Choose Files to Sync if you want to select which files and folder to download. Linux App References

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