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Hardware Fundamentals

Computer Processors

Please Note:
To use VT (VT-x or AMD-V), this processor capability must also be enabled in the BIOS. (Default setting for some BIOS is off.)
  • Physical Address Extension
    “Physical Address Extension (PAE) is a feature to allow 32-bit IA-32 central processing units (CPUs) to access a physical address space (including random access memory and memory mapped devices) larger than 4 gigabytes.”
  • PAE - Ubuntu Community Help Wiki
    “A number of older Pentium M processors produced around 2003-4 (the Banias family) do not display the PAE flag, and hence a normal installation fails. However, these processors are in fact able to run the latest (and PAE-demanding) kernels if only the installation process is modified a little. The problem is not missing PAE, it's about the processor not displaying its full capabilities. Pentium M's of the Dothan family display the PAE flag correctly and support the latest Buntus without modifications. The same distinction (Banias versus Dothan) goes for the lower performing Celeron M processors.”

Chipset Graphics

Computer Memory

Card Bus Connectors

Drives & Storage

Power Supplies & Batteries

Radio Spectrum & Interference

  • How to Fight RF Interference with Your Gadgets … useful device frequencies diagram
    “Radio-frequency interference occurs when the signal emitted by one device gets unintentionally picked up by another – creating audible noise or a compromised connection. Some interference is due to badly shielded wires or components, but some is just the result of too many gadgets crowded into a limited spectrum.”

Networking Equipment

  • Wi-Fi Security: Should You Use WPA2-AES, WPA2-TKIP, or Both? … “Devices manufactured since 2006 must support AES”
    “WPA and TKIP compatability options can also slow your Wi-Fi network down. Many modern Wi-Fi routers that support 802.11n and newer, faster standards will slow down to 54mbps if you enable WPA or TKIP in their options. They do this to ensure they’re compatible with these older devices.”
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